If I Die Tonight

Well, if I die tonight
I wonder where I'll be tomorrow
Nobody cry, please push away the sorrow
'Cos I have been the best of man
The best of friends
The best of mum and daddy's last son
The best of anything
Tell Joe here's the last one

If I die tonight
Will I be forgiven
For all the people I've been slackin' with when i was livin'
Those who I've hurt their hearts
Took advantage of and even lied to
Hug you one last time for forgiveness
Yea, I would like to

If I die tonight
Would you feel the loss
Tomorrow would you dial my number by accident
And then suddenly paused

If I died tonight
I wonder who would get to keep my caps and shoes, jerseys
Even my little stuffed crocodile, Coco too
Get my cellphone, message everyone from A to Z
Tell them this ain't Malique
He passed away last night
Pray he rest in peace

If I died tonight
What wouldcha think of my room
When you see blue
Wanted to clean it up this morning
But then I never knew

If I died tonight
What would happen to Tim
How long would it take before she kissed another man
God damn
At fast food joints
Would you still order the same combo meal for 2
Things I wish I knew

If I die tonight
You know we'll be alright
Just smile for me
Reminisce the fond memories

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